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  Experimental methods and more information

There are two families of spectroscopies b

ased on the fact that the microwaves can be continously irradiating the sample (cw-EPR), or that the microwaves can be pulsed (pulse-EPRmethods).


Pulse EPR
-X-band EPR
- High Field EPR
-Hyperfine spectroscopies
- Spectroscopies for the study of the
relaxation properties

Besides the very first principles introduced here, a good knowledge of the methodologies needs a study in depth.
We recommend very much to attend the available Schools on the subject, in particular
- The GIRSE School for an introduction to basic EPR
- The EFEPR School for advanced topics, especially for Pulse EPR

Follow the News for the announcements.

Books are also available on the subject.
A recent book covering most aspects of EPR, both cw and pulse methods, together with examples, is:
M. Brustolon, E. Giamello Ed.'s Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
. A pratictioner's toolkit. Wiley 2009.

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